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How do jet engines workJet engine is a type of internal combustion engines breathe air that is often used in aircraft. The principle of all jet engines is essentially the same: they accelerate the mass (air and combustion products) in one direction and the Newton’s third law of motion of the machine will experience a boost in the opposite direction. Which includes jet engines, among others turbojet, turbofan, rocket, ramjet, and pump-jets.

This machine is breathing the air from the front and compresses it. Air combined with fuel and burned. Combustion adds a lot of increased energy of the gas which is then thrown into the back of the machine. This process is similar to the four-movement cycle, with induction, compression, ignition, and the disposal occurs in a sustainable manner. Machines generate impetus for the acceleration of the air that passes over them; an equal and opposite force generated is the impetus for the machine.

Jet engines take a relatively small mass of air and accelerate it with large numbers, in which a driver took on a large air mass and accelerate it in small quantities. Disposal of high speed of a jet engine makes it efficient at high speeds (especially supersonic speeds) and high altitude. On the plane slowly and in need of short-distance flying, driving the use of gas turbines, which are generally known as a turboprop, is more common and more efficient. Very small aircraft usually use a piston engine to run a small turboprop fixed driving increasingly smaller with the development of engineering technology.

Combustion efficiency of a jet engine, like any other internal combustion engines, large influenced by the ratio of the compressed air volume with discharge volume. In a turbine engine compressed air and form “duct” that passes through the combustion chamber to prevent back-flow from it and make continuous combustion process is possible and pushing.

Modern turbojet engine modular in concept and design. Core earnings-major power, the same in all the jet engine, referred to as gas generators. And also other additional modules such as a reduction gearset drive (turboprop / turboshaft), fan through, and “afterburner”. Type of additional equipment installed on the use of aircraft.

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