After some requests from my YouTube subscribers wondering how these planes work, I decided to do a Intro to Control Line Flying primer video. Fun to explain the fun I am having and my hope…
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  • Jonathon Thrumble says:

    Brilliant video. Your enthusiasm shows through every second. Im a wing fan
    and am in the middle of constructing one with an os 25 engine and stumbled
    across your vid. Loved every second. Cheers dude. 

  • Ron Briz says:

    Wow! That was the fastest 18:30 I’ve ever experienced. I think I could
    have watched 2 hours of this material.

  • amargaritan says:

    Hey Shug, thanks for sharing this great intro. And at the end, I was
    pleasantly surprised to see Ron Burn’s Mustang kit. He helped me rekindle
    my childhood control line hobby about 14 years ago. He held some build
    sessions at CalPoly with that kit for a boy scout troop I think and it was
    fun to give him a bit of help with that. Did you get your Mustang in the
    air? I’ve been on hiatus for a dozen years or so and am getting back into
    flying a bit. Thanks again for sharing – Cheers!

  • 4thGloryMonday says:

    same story one day my dad came home with a pt-19 a few hours later i was in
    the air. i currently fly rc planes but just recently picked up a cox p-51
    so being 35 now havnt flown cl since i was 13 think ill start flying cl for
    all those old childhood memories, just waiting on spring, great vid man
    hope to c some good vids from ur channel this coming flying season, thanks
    for the great vid man just cant wait to hear and smell the cox 049 running

  • phil123711 says:

    Control line is the best, because you can feel the effects of flight. R/C,
    u may as well play it on a computer.

  • Peter Walker says:

    Absolutely love watching your stuff. Its not so big here in South Africa,
    but we try. Do you have an e-mail address?

  • Paul Washburn says:

    Ok I’m thinking of getting into control line flying. But I don’t understand
    the engine sizes. Is .010 bigger than .015 or vise versa. Thanks great
    video Shug Shug shugidy Shug Shug Shug lol

  • Peter Gregory says:

    Way to spread Control Line Fever, Shug(!) RC is cool but Control Line has
    its place. Everyone, get back to your roots. Those control line planes
    aren’t going to fly themselves. Get down to your basement or up to your
    attic right now and pull them out, dust them off, and get’em flying.

  • Stuart Bines says:

    Like your video and i love c/line 

  • foster wayne says:

    I knew you were cool, but now it’s confirmed, you fly u-control. It’s been
    a long while since I’ve flown one. I lost my flying site because of a 1/2A
    plane. I had no problem flying my 40 size Banshie or my 35 Flite streak at
    the field, but within two minutes of starting the .049 I was kicked out,
    and told never to return. I guess they didn’t like the high pitch sound. I
    don’t know if I could go back to flying u-control, I get dizzy mowing the
    lawn, if I go around a couple times in a row. 

  • mackfender says:

    Just building a Keil Craft Champ for my grandson ( First C/L I ever built
    and flew in the 60s). Will be powered by a DC Merlin 0.75 Diesel. Can’t

  • Daniel romero sol says:

    Dude you are so generous for sharing this. Thanks

  • wintersportster says:

    Great (and much needed) video !!! I’ll be sharing this one! Thank you
    for the effort in putting it together !!!

  • David says:

    What a wonderful memory of your dad. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wally Haskett says:

    Thanks Shug for your videos. I have been watching them and they are very
    enjoyable. I’ve been flying for over forty years. With a few of them that I
    didn’t fly at all. I love flying Control Line so keep the Videos coming.
    One day I will send some picture. I’m from Idaho and at 4,500 feet
    elevation so I have to use 45 and 51s replacing 40 and 46.s. One day I
    really would like to fly at 2,000 feet or below to see how it compares with
    this elevation. Thanks

  • Rodney Hayes says:

    Thank you for creating and uploading this video. Reminds me of my first CL
    plane, a Piper J3 with the .049, many years ago. Got away from the hobby
    for many years, got into RC electric helicopters but have grown tired of
    constant and many adjustments. Thinking seriously about getting back into

  • MrBreeze says:

    Been flying RC for 15 years and I’m dying to try CL. I think I’m going to
    go with a Flite Streak. I already have an FP .25 that I can convert for CL.
    I have a buddy who is a contest flyer that is going to help me. Great vid!

  • Troy Dalton says:

    Does your club require an AMA license? 

  • Goomsy Varik says:

    Hi if we need to buy this kits please me know your web site address where
    I can see these planes

  • dmsone says:

    Wow, I didn’t know anybody did control line flying anymore. I use to do
    that back in the 70s. Here is a pic of me and my friends with our planes –
    I am the third from the right

    I dont remember the names of the planes we flew but I remember the kits
    were made from Carl Goldberg (I think)

  • EchoCharlieBravo says:

    Nicely done! This is a great visual intro to C/L. I’m Looking at the Sig
    Skyray, both sizes, to get going.

  • tdshaker says:

    As we boomers age, we all have dreams of a bygone era. When we were young.
    Who says we have to give up the fun things of our youth. Most boomers think
    we just have to age, get sick, and die. Not me. If we just have fun, don’t
    worry about other things, just have fun in life, we will never get old. God
    bless you!


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